Tuesday, Apr 06, 2021, 19:20 Mac: Hardware

Will The Next iMac Feature A 32" Display?

Apple has been using the current iMac's display diagonal for a long time. The change from 20" and 24" to 21.5" and 27" took place in October 2009, and Apple has left the design largely unchanged since then. This is a longer than average period of time, normally there are much more frequent design updates or completely redesigned cases. However, it's only a matter of time until the next big step is also due for the iMac. Another reliable leaker now says that the next iMac can be directly distinguished from the current version based on the display alone.

The big display might be even bigger
l0vetodream claims to have heard about an even bigger display. If you recall the reports of the past months, there was often talk about a new design. By reducing the bezel around the display, it would be possible to offer more display diagonal with similar case dimensions. Frequently mentioned were 24" for the "small" iMac and 30" for the "large" iMac. However, speculations have been running high for weeks that 30" might not be enough - and that Apple might even opt for the 32" Apple Pro Display XDR's size.



Announcement imminent?
Considering the price of Apple's Pro display, it is likely to be a different panel, though. However, it does not sound improbable that the successor of the iMac 27" will have an even larger display than 30". The Apple world is eagerly awaiting such an announcement. At least for the small iMac, the presentation could take place this month and show where the iMac future is heading. As we all know, various decisions point to iMac innovations soon, from production bottlenecks to the discontinuation of several configuration options. The discontinuation of the iMac Pro also indicates that we won't have to be impatient much longer.

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