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Windows 11 Leaked – A Preview Of The New Operating System

For quite a while now, Microsoft has insisted that there will be "no Windows 11" – instead, the company announced plans to remove older relics of Windows 95 from the current version of Windows 10. Along with this slight redesign, the word from Microsoft was that Windows would be turned into a service and receive two large updates per year, somewhat similar to subscription software – and the version number would be removed from the operating system's title. In the meantime, it appears as if there's been a change of course at the company as there are now indications of a progression from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in the currently highly awaited update. According to The Verge, the upcoming update from Redmond may in fact be announced as "Windows 11". Leaked images also give us a good idea of how the operating system's user interface might look and what direction the system could be headed in.

Lessons From Windows 10X
In terms of the taskbar and start menu, Microsoft is orienting Windows 11 much in the same manner as the previously announced Windows 10X. Overall, the recently leaked screenshots of Windows 11 show numerous detail adjustments, although the system's appearance hasn't been completely redesigned. This means that Windows 10 users will still find themselves at home in Windows 11 and won't have to "relearn" how to use the operating system they've become familiar with. In addition, should Windows 11 users not like the new arrangement of icons in the start menu, then they can still switch back to the old display arrangement.



Even prior to this recent leak, it was clear that Microsoft was more focused on modernization and unification than radically new concepts or redesigns. The UI paradigm of the last 25 years is going to give way to a more homogenous interface.

New Features Remain Secret Thus Far
The current leaked version is still an early build, which means that there's still plenty subject to change prior to the final release. Some users have searched in vain for changes to the Windows Store or other system apps in hopes of finding unannounced changed or new features added to the operating system. Although there hasn't been anything found yet, this doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be any changes or new features come the final version, given that this is still an early build that wasn't supposed to be released to the public. One thing is for sure – Microsoft plans to expand the platform in terms of gaming, particularly with respects to Microsoft Windows 11's Xbox application. The Xbox Game Bar and Game Mode from Windows 10 will remain unchanged.

Official Announcement On The 24th Of June
Microsoft should provide us all with a bit more clarity concerning the future of the Windows platform rather soon. In fact, there's a Windows event planned for the 24th of June – this month. Microsoft has already used the number "11" several times, including in the shadows of a graphic released to invite users to the upcoming event. The event will also start at 11 AM, something which Microsoft has never done before.

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