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Worldwide: Apple Stores Closing or in Emergency Operation

Apple began closing Stores last spring – initially only in China, and then in all other countries come the middle of March. Despite this, the company has still remained active with a two-pronged approach. Development of a reopening strategy began and Apple stores were adjusted to the new conditions. With the sale of products now relegated almost solely to online purchase, other services of the Apple store such as product support, repairs, and repair pick-ups, also had to be adapted to the new conditions.



Express Storefronts for Emergency Operation
In order to continue providing service to customers, Apple has implemented "express storefronts" where customers can arrange an appointment prior to coming to the store in order to receive product support, pick up orders, and drop devices off to be repaired. Even with the new restrictions Apple has been able to continue to offer their diverse set of services.

One of Apple's "Express Storefronts"

Many Stores Closed in December
The current development of the virus and the coinciding restrictions on public life show how important Apple's express storefronts are to their continued business. As a result of international flare ups of the coronavirus pandemic since last fall, Apple has been forced to close countless stores to the public. This doesn't apply only to countries with a legal mandate for such, for example, Germany or the UK. A number of stores have been closed even in the USA in reactance to local infections. Last month came the announcement that Apple would be closing all 53 of their home-state's stores, in addition to 4 stores in Tennessee. Only those with appointments may now approach the plexiglass protected storefronts.

Numbers from December 14
According to Michael Steeber, 85% of the stores in the USA are now operating with express storefronts, and the switch has already begun in Canada, France, and Spain. In Germany, the switch to fully online has already been made and just this week the complete closure of all stores in the UK was announced as a result of the new coronavirus strain.

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