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iFixit Studio Display Breakdown – Interior Difficult To Distinguish From iMac

In comparison with many other monitors, Apple's Studio Display isn't only a panel with housing, it also possesses a good deal of complex hardware ranging from the device's integrated A13 chip, to its webcam, active fans, and its Dolby Atmos speaker system. The monitor's complex construction is almost reminiscent of the iMac, and especially, earlier Intel Macs. This exterior impression was also reflected on the interior side during the deconstruction. In another one of its traditional "teardown" videos of newer Apple hardware, iFixit shows off the Studio Display's "innards" with surgical precision – including the monitor's camera, speakers, and integrated power supply.

Studio Display Built Similar To Mac
Because the housing and interior of the Studio Display resemble that of the Mac so much, iFixit began its teardown video with an interesting test: After removing the panel from a Studio Display and an Intel iMac, employees were left to guess which product was the Studio Display. The assignment turned out not to be all that easy, partially due to even the interior of the Study Display possessing a great deal of hardware more normally associated with an Intel Mac than a monitor. Several of those surveyed answered incorrectly.



iPhone 11 Front Camera As Studio Display Web Cam
For the Studio Display, Apple used the same 5K panel as for the 27" iMac, according to the iFixit repair experts. The tools used to dismantle the display are even the same as those used for the iMac, making the devices' relation to one another all the more clear even. The repair experts also took some time to check out the camera, which received a good deal of critique due to not upholding the same quality standards set by the rest of the display.

Under closer examination of the webcam, iFixit made a discovery: The Studio Display very likely uses the same webcam as the iPhone 11's front camera. Since there wasn't anything unusual with the camera from a hardware perspective during the teardown, the iFixit team determined that the quality problems with the camera should be remediable from the software side. Apple has already announced an update.

Integrated PSU Necessitates Fans
The power cable is also removable without using Apple's tools when a great deal of force is applied. Additionally, concerning the Studio Display's power system: Apple decided to integrate the device's power supply unit into the housing. Due to the heat development resulting from this design choice, Apple also had to supply the monitor with an active cooling system (the A13 chip would have done just fine without a cooling system and isn't the reason for the fans' presence). The housing is also around 50% thicker than that of the Mac's – which is the only way Cupertino would have been able to fit the PSU inside.

According to iFixit, the display's speaker system is also exceptionally good for a monitor. Due to the adhesive used, however, they are rather difficult to remove. All things considered, the repair experts at iFixit held a great deal of praise for Cupertino's interior design for the Studio Display. Accordingly, the display is an impressive example of Apple's own ability to conquer challenges (such as the integration of the device's power supply).

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