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iOS 14.5 – Beta 6: New Siri Voices, Battery Realibration, & More

iOS 14.5 is certainly not being reserved when it comes to new features. The release version of the still-in-beta software will be released soon, which includes Apple's new anti-tracking measures, 5G in dual-SIM mode, new emojis, and support for more game controllers. This week, iOS 14.5's sixth beta was released to the public along with a few more changes and improvements.

More Voice Options For Siri
Apple is providing 2 additional voice options for the English version of Siri, accessible in the device's System Settings. It appears as if Cupertino is paying special attention to gender parity, as the 4 new voice options consist of 2 male and 2 female voices. Should users show a preference for one of the new voice options, the device will download the new voice packets and they'll even get carried on over to the Apple Watch. The HomePod will need version 14.5 installed to do so. According to 9to5Mac, Apple's considering whether or not to bring this new voice pack expansion to devices on other languages too. In addition, users can now choose between male and female voices without delay during a device's initial set up.



iPhone Battery Recalibration
In iOS 14.5 there's a new feature to be found in the Battery panel in settings. In the past, users have found the "Battery Condition" panel (which shows the battery's current maximum capacity and health) in the System Settings to be somewhat inaccurate, leading some users to complain of abnormal battery loss. iOS 14.5 will remedy this issue with the new feature "battery recalibration". More information concerning the feature can be found here. In short, the feature will recalibrate maximum battery life and performance on all models of the iPhone 11 – to ensure accurate display of information. The process can take several weeks and Apple has stressed that the inaccurately reported battery data "does not reflect an issue with actual battery health."

Russian App Recommendations
Russian users will now see a list of apps recommended and used by the Russian government during device setup. These include e-mail, maps, and browser apps.

Source: @Khaos on twitter.

Users aren't required to download the recommended apps and this update is simply due to Apple's adherence to new guidelines from the Russian government.

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