Thursday, Oct 14, 2021, 09:52 Mac: Software

iOS 15.1 And macOS Monterey: Release Date And Latest Changes

The beta cycle of iOS 15.1 has only been running for about three weeks, but the release is already in sight. An Apple employee hinted at the date in view of the reaction to a security vulnerability that has to be closed. According to this, it will be in the week after the Apple event - which was generally expected anyway. However, Apple has made other changes in the recently distributed betas, both in iOS and macOS Monterey. We summarize the most important changes that could be found in beta 4 (iOS) and beta 10 (Monterey).

Bugfix: Remote deletion
A security researcher had found out that iPhones and iPads can be remotely wiped unintentionally by exploiting a Bluetooth security vulnerability. While Apple did not initially want to confirm the bug, it did respond with some delay that iOS 15.1 fixed the problem. The update should be distributed to all users in the week of October 25.

Monterey: Universal Control "Beta"
At the WWDC keynote in June, Apple had presented a new feature that merges Mac and iPad very closely. The feature, known as "Universal Control", allows the mouse, cursor and keyboard to be moved from one device to the other. However, this requires a somewhat newer Mac (from 2016). Incidentally, Apple still mentioned M1 Macs in June, but then corrected the information. In the tenth beta of macOS Monterey, Universal Control is now available as a "beta" as announced - and should retain this status for the time being, even after the general release of Monterey.



Tab bar in Safari
Safari in macOS Monterey also gets a visual tweak. However, this follows the tradition since early beta of continuously reverting changes made in the June build. The redesign of Safari was very badly received by the majority of users, including the repositioning of the bookmarks. In beta 10, however, everything is back to the way it was and you can find the bookmarks in the usual place - above the tab bar. Safari in iOS 15 and Monterey is a good example of how much can still change during the beta, as long as the feedback is mostly negative.

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