Monday, Oct 25, 2021, 20:06 iOS: Software

iOS 15.1, macOS 11.6.1 And More Updates Released

Five weeks after the last major release, the next major update is now available for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, HomePod software, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15. The beta phase of iOS 15.1 and the other systems (watchOS 8.1, tvOS 15.1) was relatively short - Apple distributed the first test build the day after iOS 15 was released. However, since new releases appeared in the developer area every week from the beginning, the final version was expected to be released quite quickly anyway. Just like in the past years, Apple did not let much time pass until the update – in order to deliver features that did not make it to the targeted date.

iOS 15: The most important improvements
During the beta phase, it already became known what the most important changes of iOS 15.1 as well as the other updates are. In addition to numerous bug fixes and stability improvements, there are also new features. An important point to mention here is SharePlay - a feature that was already a topic at WWDC in the summer, but Apple decided to postpone it. Also new is support for the professional ProRes video format for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. On devices with 128 GB of storage, Apple limits the resolution to 1080p; only with 256 GB and more, 4k is possible. ProRes 422 HQ at 4K 30p requires around 7 GB per minute, by the way.

  • ProRes support & optional macro switching
  • SharePlay for media sharing via FaceTime
  • "Spatialize Stereo," head tracking of AirPods Pro and Max



Download and install
As always, the easiest way is to directly use the built-in software update in the iOS System Preferences. While iPhones and iPads can also be updated from the Mac, this offers no real advantages. As with any major system update, it is advisable to initiate a backup beforehand.

macOS Big Sur 11.6.1
While macOS Monterey was not seen for quite some time despite Apple's announcement "Available now!", there was however a software update for macOS Big Sur. Unfortunately, the release notes for 11.6.1 do not contain any concrete information, most likely it is a pure security update.

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