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iOS 15 & "Find My iPhone": Forgotten Item Notifiications & Other Security Features

Apple's pre-installed "Find My iPhone" application hasn't received much attention in a while. However, that's all changed since the release of the AirTags (and Apple's release of the AirTag API to third parties). Now, lost objects can be located with the app and further steps taken. iOS 15 will also be paying the "Find My iPhone" app a bit of extra attention and expanding the app with a few new security features.

Object Forgotten? "Find My iPhone" Will Notify You
Apple has made extensive improvements to the "Find My iPhone" app. After iOS 15, users will be able to set the app to notify them when they've inadvertently left a device or accessory behind. The feature is a bit reminiscent of the item tracker Tile, premium Tile-customers will already be familiar with this new feature of Find My iPhone. Apple's version will look like this: when a user is near an Apple device, AirTags, AirPods or corresponding device – and moves to a different location, the user's iPhone will start an alarm if one of the previously mentioned items is left behind. In such an event, the user will be given directions to the location of the forgotten item. However, this may not be useful in all situations. Say for example you have several devices that you use on the weekend at Starbuck's, but do not use at work. If you specify that the app should notify of all forgotten advices, then every weekday you leave the house to work –  Find My iPhone will notify you that you have forgotten all of the devices which you do not bring to work with you. Fortunately enough, Apple has taken this into consideration and certain locations can be configured as exceptions. Should the user leave such a location, then the app will dispense with the notification process.



Even Turned Off Devices Will Notify The User Of Last Location
Apple has also explained that Find My iPhone can now even locate devices that are turned off, although the company hasn't explained this any further. Presumably, the app will use the device's last recorded location. Devices with passcodes will also locatable after they have been reset to factory defaults. Should an unauthorized user attain access to a device, then the iPhone will display a notification stating that the iPhone is locked, belongs to someone else, and is currently being tracked.

Tracking Widget
Apple is also dedicating some time to widgets with the upcoming update and we'll be getting a new one. The "Find My iPhone" app will be getting one for the home screen. This option will allow users to keep tabs on objects as well as consenting friends or family.

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