Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021, 14:20 iOS: Software

iOS 15 - Initial User Feedback and Experiences

Millions, probably even tens of millions of users probably clicked the update button in the system settings in the first few hours after the release of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Apple's infrastructure is quite well prepared for the onslaught, though. While in previous years there were often hours of waiting until updates could be downloaded at normal speed again, there was not much more than a small hiccup this time. Although the download rates, which were still very high in the beginning, dropped again this time, hardly anyone reported complete crashes. If anything, the progress bar stopped briefly, but then quickly continued on its way to completing the installation. For most, it was thus only a matter of minutes.

Major problems remain absent.
iOS 15 is certainly not the most extensive iOS update the iPhone world has ever seen. This may also be one of the reasons why there have been no major technical problems so far - and also comparatively few discussions about the innovations. Some users talk about not being able to scroll correctly in some apps, but this does not seem to be a particularly frequent problem. Pairing problems with Bluetooth accessories can also be cured by restarting the device.



Strange memory warning
Those who think they have performance problems right after the update should simply exercise patience for a few hours. As soon as Spotlight and other background processes are done with their work, everything runs smoothly again. A somewhat dubious problem concerns the warning about insufficient memory. Here, it seems that the remaining memory is calculated incorrectly - and in two different ways. Sometimes the system believes that 75 GB of 64 GB are already occupied, in other cases the iPhone displays sufficient free GB, but still refuses to do so. The only emergency solution at the moment: restart and cross your fingers. If this does not help either, the only option for the time being is to reset the iDevice and restore it from the backup.

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