Thursday, Jun 10, 2021, 16:49 Software

iOS 15: Switch From Android To iPhone Is About To Get Easier

iPhone users upgrading to a new iPhone have it pretty easy in terms of data transfer. For years now, it's even been possible to do a data transfer simply by laying the new iPhone by the old one after the new device's first start. Then, a migrations tool does the rest of the work, transferring all the content and settings from the old phone to the new. However, it gets slightly more complicated when the new iPhone user is also an old Android user. This is the reason for Cupertino's "Move to iPhone" tool – or "the first Android app made by Apple" as it was called during its initial presentation in 2015. In order to offer an even smoother transition to former Android users (and further entice them to buy Apple), Move to Android is getting another update with iOS 15 and Apple is taking another crack at the Android-to-iPhone transition process.

Enabling A Pleasant User Experience
The goal is to be able to transfer as much data, settings, and information as possible from the old Android smartphone to the new iPhone – so that the new iPhone resembles and behaves like the former phone on a different platform as much as possible. If all goes as planned, then even the first few steps over to the new platform should be pleasant. iOS 15 will make the migration of photo albums, data, folders, settings, and even accessibility settings possible. The buzz phrase referenced here is "an even more personal experience from the start". In addition, the "Move to iOS" app for iPhone also displays a QR code that can be scanned with the former Android smartphone. The code takes the new iPhone owner to the Google Play Store when scanned with the Android phone. There, the "Move to iOS" app for Android can be downloaded free of charge.



Only For iOS 15?
So far, it's unknown whether or not Apple will adapt the "Move to iOS" app to also enable complete data transfer from Android to operating systems older than iOS 15. However, since it's more than likely that the new iPhone owners making the switch from Android will be getting their hands on an iPhone with iOS 15 after the introduction of this update to "Move to iOS", it's unlikely to be the case that Apple would provide support for older versions of iOS with the tool. Currently, a quick look Move to iOS app's review score in the Google Play Store shows significant room for improvement. After the Move to iOS app's launch in 2015 reviews from Android users trolling Apple dominated the app's page. These users would download the Move to iOS app for free only to never use it and rate it one star, then they would write a review about how ridiculous it is that an iPhone is more expensive than an Android smartphone. However, there are still a number of legitimate reviews from users unhappy with the quality and speed of the migration tool's data transfer.

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