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iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 To Release 09.20 – Apple Distributes Release Candidate

Whenever Apple sends out invitations to one of its yearly iPhone events, you can be certain that the event will cover more than just the introduction of a new iPhone. Normally, the Friday after an event, presales begin and the week afterwards, a new version of iOS gets released. By the end of the week, the shipping of the new iPhones has usually begun. It should be the same this year. Apple has just mentioned an official date for the release of the much-awaited iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. As expected, it will be on the 20th of September, likely around 1 PM EST. Apple has also just published a release candidate for the mobile operating system. Should the release candidate prove to be free of any errors that can't be quickly corrected, then this could be the final build. However, we'll have to wait a little longer for macOS Monterey, as Apple has yet to give a statement concerning the next upcoming version of macOS. We're not likely to get much more information concerning the operating system until an event in either October or November.



iOS 15 – New Features
iOS's expected update will also deliver countless minor and major improvements and new features. Counted amongst some of the most important new features and changes are 3D audio in FaceTime, FaceTime conferences in browsers (for Android and Windows users), better sorting of shared media in iMessage, overviews of notifications in the form of summaries, text analysis for photos, more high-resolution maps for Apple Maps for countries outside of the US, new settings for data access after the death of the user, offline commands for Siri, the ability to store personal IDs and driver's licenses digitally in the Wallet app (although only in a few states in the US right now), and finally the reduction of lens flares in the camera app.

iOS 15 – System Requirements
The hardware requirements for iOS 15 are rather simple. If your current device is capable of running iOS 14, then you'll be able to install iOS 15. As usual, however, not all new features will be supported by some older devices.

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