Friday, Jun 25, 2021, 17:12 Software

iOS 15's Second Beta's New Features

Up until now, Apple has never taken more than two weeks to release the follow up to a beta introduced at the WWDC, at which the first beta for iOS 15 was presented. As of now, iOS 15's second beta has been released, however, there's still no follow up to macOS Monterey's first build introduced on the 7th of June (this month). There are a few changes in iOS 15's second beta but participants of the public beta test have to remain patient up until July.

Surfing & Safari
First off, iOS 15's second beta doesn't bring any major changes to the table but focuses rather on improvements to detail. Next to bug fixes for Apple's new VPN service, "Cloud Private Relay", Safari has also seen the return of the refresh button. However, it's only visible with a mouse or trackpad when the cursor is moved into the corresponding area.



Maps Icon & Memoji Changing Room
Apple used a Maps icon at the WWDC Keynote that's slightly different from the Maps icon in iOS 15's first beta. This discrepancy has now been fixed in the second beta and the recent design has been added. There is also a new changing room for Memojis, the outfits of which can now be more precisely configured in terms of both clothing variations and colors. The new Memoji stickers are also available now.

QuickNote on the iPad
A secret feature has been added when you swipe your finger up from the button right corner of the screen in the second beta. As shown at the WWDC, this will trigger the QuickNote feature and quickly launch the notes app. This feature hadn't yet functioned correctly during the first beta, and it wasn't possible to perform the action without an Apple Pencil.

SharePlay Now Active
SharePlay is a feature that allows two people who are far away from each other to watch a movie together. The feature can be activated during FaceTime calls in order for users to share and watch or listen to videos and songs together. This feature hadn't yet been activated in the first beta.

Other Discoveries
Developers who download the second beta for iPadOS 15 onto their 9.7" iPad Pro will be sorely disappointed. Apple is currently only offering a build for the other iPads. Otherwise, there've been a few small changes to the home screen of the weather app and the lossless option for HomePods has been removed. It's unknown whether or not Apple is reacting to an error from the first beta. For Shortcuts, Apple added a preview displaying what is currently being shared with the "Receive What's On Screen" feature.

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