Monday, Sep 19, 2022, 13:09 iOS: Software

iOS 16.1 – The Innovations In Detail

The official release of iOS 16 occured just a few days ago but that's not to say tht the work isn't still continuing at Apple, of course and yesterday, the company released new beta builds of iOS and iPadOS 16.1 In addition to the usually expected bug fixes, users should also be able to enjoy a line of new features which debuted during this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, although they have yet to be released. Cupertino is giving a facelist to the lock screem and now adding a percentage indicator for the battery to all iPhones which (inexplicably) previously did not possess one.

Live Activities – An Overview Of All Relevant Information On The Lock Screen
The general overhaul to the lock screen is amongst one of the most widely reported innovations in iOS 16. Throughout development of the beta, this feature has already received a great deal of attention – so that, access to the editing of the interface is as intuitive as possible for widgets and the like. iOS 16.1 also enables direct editing of the home screen, additionally, the update also comes with an API for live activities. This enables dynamic banners on the lock screen or the dynamic island – including for example, information about the current state sports matches or the distance to the nearest available taxi.



The new API, enabling "Live Activities" for iPhone

Percentage Indicator For All iPhones
With iOS 16, the percent indicator on the homescreen will now make a slightly modified return to all iPhones possessing the notch. However, there will be an exception for several models: the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and the iPhone 13 mini. iOS 16.1 finally corrects this inconsistency and returns the function to the aforementioned devices. Users in the USA will also receive access to a new "Clean Energy Charging" feature – when activated, the iPhone will focus on charging during time windows in which the most energy from renewable sources in the area is available.

Wallet App Now Deletable & More
Users can expect at least one process to change – the creation of screenshots. After tapping on "Done", another smaller, and more elegant menu will appear at the top of the display. Until the software releases, a rather massive dialog prompt will continue to appear after making a screen capture. Also new, the wallet app can now be deleted from both the homescreen and app library. Cupertino appears to be hoping to avoid any further accusations of monopolizing behavior. However, those who choose to delete the Wallet will no longer be able to use Apple Pay.

Matter Connectivity Standard & Stage Manager Improvements
In the Settings, there's now a new tab for Matter (standard) compatible accessories. This allows smart home devices from different manufacturers to work together. This new configuration option is also available on the iPad. iPadOS 16.1 also takes a more refined approach towards Stage Manager, although there's still a great deal to sort out before the new feature's release. Windows can now be displayed on an external monitor, although there are still problems. That being said, Apple doesn't have a whole lot of time left. The feature is expected to release next month in October with iPadOS 16.1.

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