Monday, Dec 05, 2022, 16:02 iOS: Software

iOS 16.2 Beta 4 – All Notifications At A Glance

Most iPhone users receive multiple notifications daily: Messenger apps deliver text notifications, other apps inform the user about important events, music streaming apps alert listeners about new albums or concerts, and podcasts about new episodes. The Notification Center then collects all of these notifications and does a more or less OK job of presenting them clearly. In the past, it wasn't uncommon for Apple to consistently make changes to the user interface whereas recently, an almost infinite range of configurations are possible. For example; the muting of individual apps for specified amounts of time or customizable overviews of received messages prioritizing relevant content. Now, Apple is taking back one change introduced in iOS 16 – at least partially.

iOS 16.2 – Most Important Notifications First
It's not particularly surprising that users might miss a notification or two due to the sheer quantity of incoming alerts competing for a user's attention. The problem has only gotten worse since iOS 16: When users receive notifications whilst locking or unlocking their phones without interacting with the banner, it no longer appears in a clearly visible area in the Notification Center. Instead, users have to swipe up (or down from the top of the device, on older iPhones) to view previous notifications. By the point in time which users then do eventually do this, they've usually entirely forgotten about the notification that they missed. The recently released fourth beta of iOS 16.2 seeks to remedy this issue – as was previously the case in iOS 15, the iPhone now lists all notifications such that the most important are always visible.



Lockscreen Remains The Same
However, Apple's new remedy wasn't necessarily very rigorous: The lock screen is exactly the same as before the recent beta update. By swiping upwards, users are displayed the previously-familiar Notification Center containing all received notifications yet to be viewed. Whether or not Apple has changes planned for the lock screen for the final release of iOS 16.2 remains to be seen.

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