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iOS 16: Big Changes On The Way? A Quick Summary Of The Rumored Changes

At first glance, iOS 16 shouldn't look any different than iOS 15, especially with regard to the overall design language. All of the known Apple analysts, experts, and leakers are united on this – although Mark Gurman from Bloomberg still claims that there will be broad reaching changes to the entire system. Gurman also mentions that the earliest change to any of iOS' optics wouldn't arrive until next year at the earliest – although we'll still have a good deal to get excited over with iOS 16, despite the lack of change to the operating system's outward appearance. Concerning his claims of "major changes across the system", the update is expected to contain new methods for interaction and operation. Exactly what these are will be explained in detail.

Powerful Widgets & New Apps?
Earlier reports mentioned some speculation that Apple would like to integrate interactive widgets that function like apps into iOS 16. This would allow for more content on the lock screen – something that has been at the top of the wish list for many iPhone users for quite some time now. Alongside this, Apple could also be planning to offer multiple new apps. One example could be the possible introduction of a special Apple Music app intended solely for classical music – indications of this have already been found in system files. In the beta of iOS 15.5, there were also signs pointing to some large changes to the News app.



More Data Protection: IP Concealment For All Apps?
Apples VPN-like service, "iCloud Private Relay", debuted with iOS 15 – however, it's currently only compatible with Safari and certain features within the Mail app. However, there are allegations that Apple is planning an expansion of the feature and that it will support more apps come iOS 16. If so, the feature would then also presumably be compatible with apps from third-party providers.

iPhone 6S & SE (2016) No Longer Supported?
As early as a few months ago, there were already reports circulating that support for several older devices will soon cease. During the transition from iOS 14 to iOS 15, this wasn't the case, however, this time a few models may be affected. These would be the iPhone SE from 2016 and the iPhone 6S from 2015. As usual, the presumption is that certain new features will only be available on current devices.

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