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iOS 16: Development Finished – iPadOS 16: Considerably Delayed

Though Apple has yet to announce the date of the upcoming event and the release of iOS 16, credible reports have offered what are likely to be pretty accurate estimations. As previously reported, Apple seems to have chosen the 7th of September for the iPhone event, with the release of the new version of iOS coming one week afterwards and followed by the start of deliveries for the iPhone 14. In his PowerOn newsletter, Mark Gurman indicates that everything at Apple is going as planned concerning iOS. Work on iOS 16 was more or less finished by last week, since the beginning of the quick pre-release cycle. Although there will be a few more builds with some minimal adaptations between them, there won't be any massive changes to the operating system moving forward.

iPadOS 16 Delayed – Not Expected Until October
According to Gurman, however, the situation's a bit different regarding iPadOS 16. A release before October is doubtful, especially given that the development of the new operating systems's pilot feature, "Stage Manager", is proving to be more demanding than expected. Meanwhile, it's still unknown whether technical problems are responsible for this likely delay or if Apple has decided to expand the feature to non-M1 iPads. The decision to only enable Stage Manager for the newew M1 iPads caused quite the critical uproar. The next generation of iPads should see a release in October – and although no one expects the upcoming model to use the M1, it would still be odd for it to be incompatible with Stage Manager.



macOS Ventura This October
The prediction that macOS Ventura will arrive in October should come as no surprise to anyone. Even though Apple has yet to confirm the expected date, the past years have always seen a new major version of macOS following in the footsteps of its already released iOS counterpart. Equally expected is the upcoming Mac hardware set to release alongside macOS 13 – specifically the updated versions of the MacBook Pro 14/16" and the next Mac mini. October is likely to be another exciting Apple-hardware month.

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