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iOS 16 For Android – Launcher Brings iOS Appearance To Android On Google Smartphones

Those hoping to personalize their iPhone have countless configurable possibilities at their disposal – contrary to how things looked a few years ago. Since iOS 14, users can now place widgets on the home screen, and the next major release will even allow users to make extensive changes to their lock screens. Despite these new personalization features, Android still tends to be preferred by those hoping to maximize the personalization of their devices. For example, the Google operations system includes so-called "Launchers" capable of changing the appearance of the home screen and app drawers entirely. One such very successful iteration brings the iOS 16 look to Android devices.

Launcher iOS 16 – Android To... iOS 16?
Those who take issue with the less-refined outward appearance of the Android platform can find a remedy pretty quickly: The Google Play Store contains several launchers that can introduce serious cosmetic changes. One such currently very popular example is the Launcher iOS 16. The launcher imitates the appearance of typical iOS 16 elements, and the parallels are quite striking. The dock, typical organization of home screen apps, widgets, and app library are all deceptively familiar. Even the "shaking" of apps is present when they are moved or deleted from the home screen. Even the context menus that appear on the iPhone per haptic touch are present:



Despite their appearance, these are actually screenshots from an Android device and not iOS 16.

App Icons Adopted – More Features Than Original
The exact app icons known to iOS users are even part of the launcher: For example, the vectors of Apple's Photos, Camera, and Notes apps are exactly the same in the "Android version". Even the Play Store looks different and is hidden behind the icon for the Apple App Store. Unlike on the iPhone, the launcher even allows for further customization. Users can rename all apps and widgets and change animations and categories in the library. Launcher iOS 16 has even had an unexpectedly positive reception on the Google Play Store – over 50 million have downloaded the launcher thus far.

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