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iOS 16 Now Available – The Arrival Of The New System

The wait is finally over, with apple having just hit the switch on the release of iOS 16 .=for all users and supported iPhones. Those in possession of an iPhone 6s, iPhone SE (2016), or an iPhone 7 will unfortunately not be eligible for the update – all devices since the release of the iPhone 8/iPhone X can install the new version as of right now. Apple presented the new system at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Eight betas and one RC version later, and we're now all finally able to appreciate the result. Should certain users still find themselves unable to install the update, some patience is recommended, as it sometimes takes up to half an hour until all update servers have received the newest version. Build number is 20A362 – with the same status as the release candidate.

Another System Generation – With New Optics
One of the newest features of iOS 16 is the addition of the ability to personalize the lock screen – something that many are likely to do immediately after installation. The rest of the system all looks the same as iOS 15 did, however, with a few new features – including improvements to the Messages and mail app, along with a new lockdown mode intended for particularly important security requirements.



To Install (Straight Away) Or Not To Install (Immediately), That Is The Question
Those of a more cautious nature are likely to ask themselves the question whether or not they should wait a few days before installing the newest system version. Those who wish to live with 100% bug free certainty should wait until system version 16.1 is released in a few weeks. However, the beta phase has not revealed any problems of a major nature. Either way, all users are recommended to back up their devices before installation – in case of the unfortunate event that errors arise during installation, as with any other major process. The remain a few errors which Apple has yet to sort out – including features that have yet to receive sufficient testing which apple has delayed for quality control reasons, such as live activities on the lock screen or web push. iPadOS 16 has yet to release, as Apple learns from the mistakes of its previous years and refrains from holding all systems and features to an overly strict yearly cycle.

Smaller Updates – iOS 15.7 & iPadOS 15.7
On the installation page, users are also able to choose between updating to iOS 15.7 or iOS 16. 15.7 was a system version that Apple shared as a release candidate during the event. The release notes only indicate security improvements.

See iOS 16's Full Preview Here:

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