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iOS 16 On iPhone 13 – How To Fix Restart Loop & Issues Updating Apps

Of course, it's still a little bit early to give a judgment concerning iOS 16s practical stability – however, there it's already a plethora of feedback about the installation itself. One problem in particular seems to stand out – after downloading the update, all users have to do is await a restart. In this particular case, this step in the process misbehaves on some devices only to become stuck in a constant loop. We received multiple reports within a short amount of time, and the error seems to be more than a standalone occurrence. However, the update runs entirely as expected for the vast majority of users.

iOs 16 – How To Fix Loop Restart
Once the error begins, there's no fixing it by normal means. Neither manually turning off the device with the appropriate button combination nor restarting the device helps to remedy the issue. In fact, the ladder will land the user right back where they started – in the same loop. However, there is still a relatively simple way to help your iPhone back to its feet – thanks to Recovery Mode. Only a few steps are necessary:
  • Connect the iPhone to a Mac per cable
  • Hold the volume up and then hold the volume down buttons at the same time as you press and hold the power button, hold them both for an extended period
  • The iPhone should then appear within Finder
  • To leave recovery mode, all the same buttons again



The error portrayed above is a problem that can occur with any system update. Recovery Mode is always the best choice in such situations we're normal restart doesn't seem to help. Windiws PCs .can also follow the aforementioned process, although the iTunes application for Windows is necessary to access the iPhone connected to the computer via USB cable. Although reports of such instances are increasing today, such difficulties have become very rare over the last few years.

Another Problem – Impossible To Update Apps
Another error is also affecting users' ability to update their apps. As per the reported error, users are asked to agree to the general terms and conditions, although the dialogue option to do so is apparently missing. The consequence of this is that users met with this error are left unable to update their apps. However, one can expect that Apple is likely soon to swoop in and remedy the issue.

What is unfortunately a rather common screen at the moment

Should any further errors arise multiple times, we will update this post with an account of them. The fact that the download servers are running on their last breath, with download rates witnessing intense dips, was to be expected. Nobody who has ever installed a big iOS update on the first day of its release should be too surprised there.

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