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iOS 16, iPadOS 16, & watchOS 9 – 6th Developer Versions Released

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 are set for a September release – and should the current rumors hold any truth, the final version of iPadOS 16 should arrive on the market in October of this year. Usually, Apple publishes iOS and iPadOS updates promptly – according to rumors this year, however, Apple might take a little bit of extra time to finish optimizing mac/iPadOS' new Stage Manager feature. New versions of macOS have historically come about a month after the release of a new version of iOS – meaning that October was already considered to be the likely release date

Coudl iPadOS 16 Arrive This September Anyway?
Apple usually begins updating the beta versions of new operating systems every week immediately before a full release after transitioning from its regular biweekly updates. Just now, Apple released the sixth developer version of iOS 16, watchOS 9, and iPadOS 16 – a week after the previous fifth release precisely one week prior. Since Apple has apparently incorporated the iPadOS 16 beta into the new weekly release cycle along with the other pre-release versions of upcoming operating systems, this could indicate that iPadOS 16 is set for a release alongside iOS 16 next month. Apple, however, refrained from updating macOS Ventura's beta this afternoon – and the fifth version continues to be the only available download via the Apple Developer Connection.



No New Features Apparent Yet
Since the newest developer pre-release has just been released, it's still unclear what new things Apple has implemented in the sixth betas. However, extensive changes are infrequent in the late beta phase – Apple tends to focus most of its energy on correcting bugs at this stage.

The Currently Available System Builds
As always, the summary of which betas are currently available for download can be found in the download section of the developer area, where the current version number is also notated. One week ago, Apple announced the beginning of the public beta program for the current beta phase. From now onwards, the public beta versions should appear one to two days after the release of each developer version.

System Build Number Released
macOS 13 Beta 5  22A5321d  08/08/2022
iOS 16 Beta 6  20A5349b  08/15/2022
iPadOS 16 Beta 6  20A5349b  08/15/2022
watchOS 9 Beta 6  20R5353a  08/15/2022
tvOS 16 Beta 6  20J5366a  08/15/2022

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