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iOS Tip: How To Sort & Print Lists In The Reminders App

Many Mac and iPhone users gravitate towards Apple's preinstalled "Reminders" app to manage their to-do lists or to remind themselves of important upcoming events or tasks. Despite this and until now, the Apple to-do list manager lacked features offered by some 3rd party software used for the same purpose – the ability to sort and print lists. Now, with the advent of macOS 11.3, and iPad/iOS 14.5 – these 2 sorely missed features have finally been added. We'll show you how to use them.

Shopping Lists & Task Planning
Of course, before lists can be sorted or printed – they have to be created. Lists are still created the same as previously. Just as before, entries can still be grouped into individual categories of lists, for example: "Shopping list" or "Task list" – followed by the relevant user-defined entries.



4 Criteria For Sorting
To use the new features, simply tap on an available list. Then tap on the button (3 dots surrounded by a circle) in the top right corner of the device's screen or the application's window (if on macOS). Afterwards, a menu will pop up with the new "Sort By" feature. In addition to "Manual" (unsorted), there are 4 other options for sorting: "Due Date", "Creation Date", "Priority", and "Title". As per each individual setting, entries can then be further arranged by lowest or highest priority, and oldest or newest date. However, in order to change this setting, you'll need to go through the entire process of tapping on the "Sort By" function and repeating the previous steps – which isn't entirely convenient.

The new Reminders and "Sort By" feature.

Printing With iPhone, iPad, & Mac
The new "Print" feature is accessible via the same menu (the 3 dots surrounded by a circle) as the "Sort By" function. Should a user choose to print a selected list, they'll be given a preview of the page as usual with the option to select a printer and the number of copies to be printed. Depending on the device, other options such as double-sided, black-white, are also available. With a quick tap on "Print", the printing process will begin as usual. Both new features are accessible on Reminders for macOS 11.3, however, they've not made their way to the version on yet.

The new Reminders and "Print" feature.

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