Friday, Jul 16, 2021, 11:14 Software

iOS/iPadOS 15 & watchOS 8 Fix A Big Problem – Updates Now Possible With Low Storage

Installing system updates is almost never a user's favourite task and often takes a great deal of time. In some cases, new versions can even cause issues for some devices – either because certain bugs haven't been discovered yet or because the update can't be completed. Lastly, users without much space left on their devices often aren't even able to download and install the necessary updates. Apple has already promised to improve the expediency and required device capacity for operating system updates – and updates for Big Sur are now supposed to be smaller in size and occur more quickly. Now, Cupertino is switching its focus to updates on other devices.

Apple Responds To Criticism
Yesterday, Apple released the third beta for iPad/iOS 15 and watchOS 8. In the new builds, Apple takes a crack at fixing the cause of some recent criticism – including design changes to Safari. In watchOS 8's release notes, Cupertino lists another interesting change: software updates can now be installed when there is less than 500MB of space left on the device.



Source: Apple

A Huge Relief For Apple Watch Series 3 Users
Cupertino doesn't go into much more detail about this most recent change, but it applies to both iPhone and iPad as well as the Apple Watch. This is going to be especially useful for Apple Watch Series 3 owners. Models without LTE connection only have 8GB of storage space, meaning problems for many users during OS updates. Up until now, Apple's recommended solutions haven't been the most helpful – users have been advised to disconnect their watch from their iPhone, install the update, and then perform a backup. A long process to say the least. To simply leave the problem as is and to continue to provide the watch with only 8GB, meaning this problem is likely to continue, isn't reasonable. Fortunately, it appears as if this issue will finally be a thing of the past come watchOS 8.

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