Thursday, Oct 27, 2022, 18:02 iOS: Hardware

iPad 16" & 20" Variants? Is The Tablet's Future "Giant"?

Although Apple has said for years that the iPad's future is that of a productivity device, it may soon finally be possible to take this statement literally. Although the iPad Pro already delivers a display diagonal of 12.9", there are various reports of late indicating a planned set of models with considerably larger dimensions. Such models would not continue the iPad Pro's current legacy as that of an easily portable device for those looking for something in between a standard laptop and a handheld tablet – rather, the target group would be an entirely different one. It would be a little bit more of an experimental concept from Apple, a device that would hold much in common with the "Surface Table" that Microsoft presented more than 15 years ago – a large touch surface that the user could stand around.

iPad & Mac Blend Together – When It Comes To Size
Media outlet "The Information" is normally quite well-informed when it comes to matters of hardware. According to a new report, the fist step should be the release of a 16" version of the iPad, perhaps even as early as the fall of 2023. The iPad would be the same size as the MacBook Pro 16", and for those who remember rumors of a macOS 14 for iPads – then it's possible that the rumored "giantPads" could arrive with a newly introduced tablet-variant of the Mac operating system. Display expert Ross Young claims to have knowledge that Apple is also working on a 14" variant of the iPad, with the exact same dimensions as the MacBook Pro 14". Such dimensions would be particularly useful for areas such as graphics or video editing – and after a certain size, the iPad could even be used as a shared, interactive working surface.



A Little Bit Further Off – The iPad 20"
Another report made the rounds earlier this month, according to which Apple plans to equip the upper end of the new iPad product category with a 20" display. An iPad of this size would almost encroach upon the desktop computer category, as there's no way that a tablet of this size would be practically holdable with only one hand. According to Ross Young, however, the iPad 20" would still be able to fit in a bag the same as any other tablet – as it may very well represent the first "foldable" iDevice from Apple. Although foldable iPhones have yet to receive any priority from Apple's development team, the situation is allegedly a bit different when it comes to the iPad. The earliest introduction of such a device would be in the fall of 2024, but it could even take another one to two years, as per Young.

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