Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021, 20:25 iOS: Hardware

iPad Pro 2021 Announced - A Tablet With M1 chip

About a year after the last major update of the iPad Pro, Apple has now launched a new generation. This time, however, there are also some changes in the inner workings, since the 2020 model was based on the chip of the 2018 variant. However, the new iPad Pro does not feature an A14X as a close relative of the M1 (that's what everyone though!), but the M1 itself. For this reason, Apple can once again boast of a performance increase, we are talking about 50 percent more CPU and 40 percent more graphics performance. Compared to the first iPad 11 years ago, the GPU performance has increased by a factor of 1500. In the iPad Pro, the M1 works with eight graphics cores, not the slightly slimmed-down version from the basic MacBook Air with only seven cores. The USB-C port is now also a Thunderbolt port - with USB 4 support.

New display technology
For the first time, Apple is using mini-LED in a product. This is actually "backlighting" and not just rows of LEDs around the edges that shine into diffusion foils. Since the more than 10,000 LEDs behind the display can be activated and deactivated individually, precise control is possible. By the way, Apple chose "Liquid Retina XDR" as the marketing name for the display technology. The 12.9 inch iPad has 5.6 million pixels, the 11 inch version has 4.0 million. The latter, however, still relies on a conventional display without a mini-LED.



Once tablet photographers were made fun of, but the camera module has become very important since the addition of the LiDAR sensor. With the iPad Pro 2021, Apple improved the cameras even further, so that even an iPad can now replace a powerful camera. Excellent results are supposed to be possible even in very poor light, both with the front and the rear camera.

Pricing and availability
The new iPad Pro can be ordered starting at $799, with a 12.9-inch display it is at least $1099 - the price has thus increased by $100, probably because of mini-LED. Apple plans to start shipping in mid-May, but will accept orders as early as April 30. The top version of the iPad Pro has 2 TB of storage capacity for the first time, which naturally has its price. Including mobile connectivity, the price is an unbelievable $2399.

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