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iPad Pro Reviews – Impressive M2 Performance, But No New Features

The first test reports about the new iPad Pro have revealed themselves to be largely taken with the new iPad Pro and the performance possibilities provided by the M2. For many users, however, a more affordable variant of one of Apple's tablets might serve to be the better choice – after all, there are likely only limited areas of application that could even make use of such powerful performance.

Improved Performance, But Barely Any Other Mentionalble Features
Apart from the M2's performance optimizations and its assosciated future security, the new iPad Pro (12.9") feels almost exactly the same as its previous generation, according to Mashable. Regardless of the component, design, display, cameras, speakers, battery, housing, or storage options – pretty much everything is the same apart from the M2. Unlike in the case of the new iPhone 14 which functions via eSIM, Apple has retained the iPad Pro's slot for SIM cards in the USA.



The only "real" innovations are the M2 chip, which has now set the top mark for performance in the tablet category – provided users even need such performance at all, for tasks such as video editing in Apple's ProRes-Codec. In such a case, though, users would still be better serviced with a laptop and the diverser set of possibilities presented by its operating system, as per Mashable. Additionally, the device doesn't feel a whole lot different when it comes to its daily use in comparison to that of less power but more affordable alternatives within the iPad. ZDNet (link is in German) even failed to notice any difference at all. At least iPadOS 16 may bring some improvements to the everyday usage of the iPad.

One new feature is the Apple Pencil's new "hover" function – which displays the location of the stylus on the screen prior to contact. Mashable, however, obviously doesn't view the new stylus feature as any sort of major innovation.

iPad Air A Better Choice For Many Users
As per TechRadar, the new iPad Air 5th generation's bang for its buck is better than the new iPad Pro's. According to the data, however, the Pro model does still offer quite a great deal more – M2 chip, Face ID, better display and camera quality, and the mentioned pencil feature. At the end of the day though, the iPad Air is a better choice for most users – it's an attractive, complete package at a considerably more affordable price.

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