Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021, 15:20 iOS: Hardware

iPhone 12 and 13 With Bluetooth Connection Problems in Car Systems

It is common practice for many users to automatically connect their smartphone to the vehicle via Bluetooth: Calls, sending messages and navigation are then usually much easier - and the device does not need a cable to establish the connection. Now the voices of some users who have difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity in the car are increasing - devices of the last two iPhone series are probably most affected.

Problems with sound playback.
In Apple's support forum, some users report connection problems of their iPhones with the hands-free system of the vehicle. This exclusively concerns Bluetooth: Although the pairing process works smoothly according to the description of those affected, the connection often does not remain upright for a longer period of time. Some users report that calls are often accompanied by annoyances: The call is interrupted after a few minutes. When playing music, the phenomenon also occurs with some users, others are completely spared from this.

Some car brands affected
Meanwhile, 9to5Mac also picked up on the issue - the user comments also include some users who express their displeasure. The iPhone 12 and 13 models seem to be particularly affected - the update to iOS 15.0 and later caused the difficulties for the former. Older generations of the iPhone had always performed flawlessly, according to many of those affected. It is unclear whether the problems primarily affect certain car brands: Users refer to Toyota cars as well as trucks, but vehicles from Audi, Volvo, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi are also mentioned.



Hardly any effective workarounds
There are hardly any workarounds: Some of those affected first connect their iPhones to the vehicle via cable in order to then achieve a stable Bluetooth connection - but this probably does not work for everyone and also not permanently. It is possible that only waiting for a software update from Apple will help. The company has not yet commented on the phenomenon.

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