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iPhone 12 mini met with poor Sales Figures in the US

It’s quite surprising how consumer standards for smartphones contradict themselves. Release a smartphone with a display slightly too big or too small and it will be made fun of, such as in the case of the iPhone XS, jokingly referred to as the iPhone “extra small.” There are simply different preferences for different situations. For example, some device users prefer portability and complete most of their work on their a tablet or notebook, whereas others process an extensive number of tasks on their smartphone. The iPhone 12 was an attempt to simultaneously meet all of these needs via a choice between 3 different models with varying display sizes. The display of the iPhone 12 mini is “only” 5.4 in (13.7 cm), which simply wasn’t large enough for many.



Low Sales Numbers in the USA
According to new statistics from Wave 7 research (via PCMag) the iPhone 12 mini hasn’t had much success in the USA—quite the opposite in fact. Wave 7 surveyed sales workers of 3 US carriers, all of whom rated the device as the “weakest in demand.” The iPhone 12 mini accounts for only 4-5% of sales for the largest carriers and the highest demand current model is the iPhone 12, making up to 24-33% of all sales.

Low Distribution
Data from the last paragraph corresponds with the results of statistics provider Flurry Analytics. Flurry Analytics reveals that the iPhone 12 mini was the lowest distributed model iPhone of the last two years—measured during the week in which the model was made purchasable in the USA.

Will the 12 mini catch up in the longterm?
Outside of the Unites States, the iPhone 12 mini has achieved better sales. However, in comparison to the competition from its company of origin, that is no easy task. For only $100 or 100€ more, one can buy the iPhone 12 (with a 24% larger screen and a larger battery capacity). For customers looking to save, the iPhone SE is also available at a much lower price. However, the iPhone 12 mini it would be a mistake to completely write off the mini at this point in time. Early adopters aren’t necessarily part of the target group, thus meaning that the 12 mini could be around a little longer to catch up.

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