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iPhone 13 Loud Speaker Bug – Silent Voices During Calls

It's not always practical to speak into the iPhone like it's an old-fashioned telephone. There are many situations in which it's easier to simply set the device on loud speaker, take for example when working with two hands while carrying on a phone conversation. During longer conversations, it's also a little tiring to keep the device held to one's ear. Whilst driving, the handsfree option is offered via Bluetooth with many car stereoes, whereas headphones are often chosen to take over the responsibility of transmitting audio during tasks with requiring two hands. However, there's also always the loud speaker mode. Conversations can be carried out over speaker mode with the device simply laid on the side of the table, while users then pursue another activity at the same time. Unfortunately, it's exactly this basic function that has caused issues for some users of certain models of Apple's newest smartphone.

Apple Support: It's Not A Hardware Defect
Some users are confronted with an annoying problem – after activating their iPhone 13's call speaker, their conversation partner becomes unable to hear them. Curiously enough, the phenomenon also only seems to pop up when speaker mode is selected. When the device is held to the user's ear or connected to headphones, the iPhone's voice transmission isn't interrupted at all. In some forums – including the Apple discussions, the complaints are piling up. According to affected users, Apple support has been of little use in solving the problem – however, hardware defects have been ruled out in most cases.



A Workaround For Some Users – Switching The Mic Mode
FaceTime calls can be particularly frustrating for some user experiencing the bug – as the loudspeaker is always activated during a FaceTime call. Some users report that switching the microphone mode from "broad spectrum" to "standard" and then to "voice isolation" fixes the problem. This is a new feature with iOS 15 that can be configured in control center during conversations.

The bug could have something to do with noise cancellation in the iPhone 13's accessibility settings. Since the problem is likely software based, it's possible that an iOS update will bring an improvement. Apple hasn't commented on the issue thus far.

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