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iPhone 13 – iOS 15.2 Enables Face ID After Display Swap + Video

Barely any iPhone component is as frequently repaired (or damaged) as the display. All it takes is a simple slip of the hand and the smartphone goes skidding across the floor with consequences ranging from scratches, cracks, or even complete breaks. Victims of a damaged iPhone screen will often have to shell out more than a few bucks for a screen replacement. Prices from Apple range all the way from US$229 (iPhone 13 Mini) to U$329 (iPhone 13 Pro Max) without Apple Care+. Thus, it's not unsurprising that a large majority of users search for alternatives in the form of independent repair shops. Up until now, owners of a new iPhone 13 with a broken display have been forced to fork out the big money for Apple, at least, if they want Face ID to continue working.

iPhone 13 – The Current Situation
For those unfamiliar with the current situation, repairs performed by an independent repair shop (IRP) not licensed or authorized by Apple will result in Face ID being disabled. Conspiracy theories are numerous in number, especially in light of the recent Right to Repair battle. However, things seem to be changing for the better with the start of a new Apple program intended to supply customers with the means to perform their own device repairs – although some question Cupertino's motives behind the program.



iPhone 13 Display Replacements At Independent Repair Shops Currently Inadvisable
iPhone 13 users replacing their display through Apple or an Apple-certified repair shop needn't fear the omission of Face ID after a screen replacement: Apple and certified service providers have access to special software that allows Face ID's biometric authentication method to continue working uninterrupted. However, these tools are not available to independent repair shops and those who replace their display via an unlicensed IRP will simply have to live without Face ID – in practice, this simply means that the vast majority of users will choose to have their screen repairs performed by either Apple or its service partners as opposed to the local IRP. However, Cupertino has finally declared its intention to remedy the "problem" by means of an iOS update.

iOS 15.2 To Provide A Remedy
As per a video from iCorrect, the soon to be released iOS 15.2 will finally allow independent repair shops to perform screen repairs without permanently breaking Face ID. The following video shows things in action:

However, it remains unclear whether or not the process can only be completed successfully on the third beta or also on earlier versions of iOS 15.2. As per the video, a warning notification will still appear after a screen replacement by an independent third party, however, it will simply state that the screen isn't an "original" and not that Face ID will no longer work.

Source: iCorrect via YouTube

It's also as of yet unknown when the final version of iOS 15.2 will officially be released. However, in light of the quick release cycle, it shouldn't take too long until we finally see the update.

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