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iPhone 14 & 14 Pro – The First Test Reports, Dynamic Island, Camera, Battery

For some lucky individuals, the 16th of September will involve a new iPhone – as this is the date that shipments will officially begin. As usual, chosen media outlets were provided review copies of the iPhone 14 and its various iterations, to allow the public a closer look at the products after the withdrawal of Apple's review embargo. The first test reports are now available and have since become countless in number – with many detailed descriptions. In the rest of this report, will summarize most of the experiences involving the new devices, and the current verdict on the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 – Restrained Excitement
The standard model of the iPhone certainly wasn't the star of the recent Apple event, the newest iteration is mostly a slight refinement of the previous generation. Thus, the general conclusion is relatively obvious – Apple has made a good device slightly better, with some sensible improvements. The headline from The Verge, "meet the iPhone 13S", summarizes the situation quite well – in words that have been frequently attributed to the iPhone 14 over the last few days. Although there is praise for the improvements to the camera, battery, and new features such as Crash Detection and satellite SOS, the device is truly not that exciting for the most part.



iPhone 14 Pro/Max – The First Few Experiences
The Pro variations, on the other hand, have made a big step forwards. In addition to the new features of the iPhone 14, the Pro/Max iterations also include significant changes – especially the "dynamic island" used to replace the infamous "notch". In current experience reports thus far, there's a lot of praise for Apple's clever hiding of the black gap in the device. That being said, this should simply be the beginning of changes that are set to encompass a great deal of potential. Endgadget even referred to the new dynamic island as "an island" the author of the report would like to "live" on in a recent article.

The camera system also received a great deal of praise from Gizmodo, whose test report emphasized the module's image quality at night as being "excellent". Even the "always on" display received a lot of praise. The new generation of iPhones is now even more seductive to Android users, as per the author's own titling of the article. Engadget, if it found anything at all to criticize, was a little bit disappointed by the increased capturing fidelity during good lighting being slightly less than it had hoped for. In some cases, the author even seemed to think that the iPhone 13 Pro Max produced images with even fuller colors. As there are almost no recognizable differences in quality, the author's assessment has more to do with a question of taste with respect to color temperature and saturation.

The flash is rather unconvincing

Apple promised that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would come with even better battery life than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The verge is unable to confirm this claim, and both testers actually had the feeling that the devices actually survived a little bit shorter on one charge. It's possible that this could be due to the even brighter display in addition to the new "Always On" feature – the battery life is actually quite admirable once this is considered. Endgadget was unable to determine any deterioration or improvement in battery life.

iPhone 14 – The General Consensus
The switch from an iPhone 13 Pro to an iPhone 14 Pro probably doesn't make that much sense as far as most cases are concerned. That's the unanimous consensus of most outlets at the moment. However, for those with a 12th generation iPhone looking to switch to an iPhone 14 Pro or Max, the decision would actually lead to significant improvements in multiple areas. The high resolution of the RAW format makes the device even more interesting for ambitious photographers – and, as previously mentioned, the dynamic island does result in a much better user experience than the notch did. As always, the build quality and general impression of the device are without any major critics, although the back side of the device does now possess an even more monstrosterous camera module.

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