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iPhone 14 Plus Test Reports – A First Look

Apple doesn't always manage to offer a release of all editions of a new series of iPhones on the same day: For example, the release of the iPhone 12 occurred in a staggered manner, but this year – customers waiting to purchase the iPhone 14 Plus won't be left hanging. On Friday 7th, Apple officially began sales for the new model – with the first reviews of the device released beforehand. Generally, the reception is excellent, although there are no big surprises – the iPhone 14 Plus meets all of its manufacturer's promises.

Reviews Consider Battery & Display Size To Be iPhone 14 Plus' Strongsuit
The Verge thinks that the iPhone 14 Plus is undoubtedly the iPhone that most people will want. This is due more than anything else to the two characteristics that separate it from the standard iPhone 14: Its two most considerable merits are the larger display panel and battery. The review finds that the 6.7" touchscreen allows for comfortable play and displays much more content – meaning far less scrolling for most users. However, the lack of ProMotion (120Hz refresh rate) is disappointing. Apple also promised the best battery life of any iPhone thus far in the iPhone 14 Plus – and The Verge has confirmed this statement, pointing to impressive battery times that have never been seen before in iPhones from Cupertino. The Verge also acknowledges that the device is 28 grams heavier than the iPhone 14 but states that it's entirely practical for everyday life.



Priced Much Better Than The iPhone 14 Pro Max & A More Comfortable Weight
Endgadget also praised the iPhone 14 Plus' battery capacity: The standby time is outstanding, and even during video playback, the device sticks it out for 21 hours and 17 minutes long. Endgadget also criticizes the lack of a 120Hz display, and there was a wish for a USB-C connection instead of lightning.

CNET's test report mentioned "200 reasons" for purchasing an iPhone 14 Plus instead of the iPhone 14 Pro Max – pointing mainly to the US$200 difference in price. There's even a €300 difference in price between each basic variant in the EU. If you are switching from an iPhone 11 Plus or older due to interest in a larger display, you'll definitely be more than satisfied with the iPhone 14 Plus.

Other critics more or less all mention the same strengths of the iPhone 14 Plus as CNET, The Verge, and Endgadget – although some do voice their disappointment that Apple didn't provide the device with the most recent chip. The price increase in the EU is also frequently mentioned. YouTuber Marques Brownlee also notes the device's lower weight of the iPhone 14 Plus as compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max but is also spending time with the other models to release his experiences a few weeks after the device's release. He concentrates mainly on the bugs, which iOS 16 still presents with several updates later.

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