Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022, 17:01 iOS: Hardware

iPhone 14 Pro Design Phase Over & Test Production Begins

The iPhone 13's product cycle isn't even half way through yet, after all, the device was released only 5 months ago – but that doesn't mean that Apple isn't, of course, already hard at work on the device's 14th iteration. Thus far, all indications point to Apple following the normal yearly cycle, although the current chip crisis does considerably complicate any long-term planning. Countless market experts are already speculating about the upcoming iPhone 14. A design change is relatively certain as far as the next Apple smartphone is concerned – at least for the Pro variant. The device's controversial notch may finally be making a retreat 5 years after its original introduction.

Manufacturing Partners – Foxconn & Luxshare
As per a report from The Taiwan Economic Times, Apple has just finished up with the iPhone 14's design phase, meaning that Cupertino's manufacturing partners can now begin preparing for production. Foxconn has been contracted to manufacture the iPhone 14 Pro again whilst Luxshare should be responsible for the production of the more affordable, less complex variant. Over the past few years, the demands Apple has placed on its manufacturing partners have often bordered on the realm of impossibility. It will be interesting to see how the situation develops this time around and whether or not production facilities will be able to adapt accordingly. The early test production phase also serves to discover early risk factors that could impede the device's timely primary production – particularly important for new iPhone models which often require entirely new machinery to produce.



Sensor Still Visible – Albeit More Subtle
One expected change is the repositioning of the Face ID sensor inside the device's display – a change requiring only two small "notches". According to rumors, Apple has already experimented with the concept for some time and it appears as if Cupertino has finally decided that the time has come. A market analyst has reported that the planned "pill and hole" will only be a transitory design feature, and that one year later, Apple will introduce an entirely glass surface with integrated sensors.

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