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iPhone 14 (Pro Max) Prognosis & Expected Price – Discounts Unlikeky For Months

Most hardware products depreciate significantly after purchase, with one of the most considerable discrepancies in price accounted for by the difference between the manufacturer's price and the price of the "brand new" device after its original purchase. There's also a pretty big gap between the price recommended by the manufacturer and the advertised price, however, this is nowhere near the difference in price between a new and used device. Are use PC or android smartphone can normally only appreciate a resale after a significant reduction in the original price. Traditionally, things have been a little bit different in the Apple world – with devices from Cupertino retaining their price much better than many of their counterparts. This is due to not only the long lifespan of Apple devices, but also measures Apple has taken to stabilize the value of its products. Aggressive discount campaigns are more or less nonexistent in the Apple world – making it difficult for retailers to offer them. Continuously high new prices thus sort for continued high used prices.

iPhone 14 Pro Max – Almost No Discounts For Months
According to a recent prognosis, this premium price trend should only increase with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max experience significantly less depreciation than previous generations, after half a year, the average street price for new hardware sank to 10% lower than the price at its initial release. As per an investigation from comparison portal Idealo, it was clearly observed how stable the price of the iPhone 13 remained – even during the latter days of it's reign over the market. The situation was a little bit different with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which depreciated in price by 15% after six months and 20% after nine months.



Normal Price Course Of Each iPhone Variant
The first reduction in price normally comes 2 to 3 months after release and continues into the spring. The iPhone 13 ceased to depreciate at this point, and Idealo expects a similar course for the iPhone 14. However, a depreciation of more than 13% in comparison to the new price is unlikely given the currently tense delivery situation. The standard iPhone 14 is expected to depreciate by up to 12% in four months, with customers seeing the value of the iPhone 13 as slightly more stable in this case. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 pro, however, should be relatively equal as far as the expected price course, with the enterprise likely to have equalized after half a year.

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