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iPhones Lose Only Half As Much Value As Android Smartphones – With One Exception

iPhones only depreciate in value about half as much as Android phones after purchase. iPhone users looking to make the upgrade to the next model are able to fetch a much higher price for their previous phone than customers of other smartphone brands. This is the result of a statistical analysis done by the US online retailer "BankMyCell", which buys and sells old smartphones.

iPhones With The Lowest Depreciation
In their Phone Depreciation Report, BankMyCell evaluated the purchase price of almost all smartphones from every manufacturer and price class. Depreciation was divided into 3 groups, after 1, 2, and 4 years. One result of the analysis was that the average iPhone only depreciated 17% in value after 1 year, whereas most Androids depreciated 33% in value in the same amount of time. It takes about 2 years until devices from Cupertino suffer comparable levels of depreciation. After 2 years, the values tend to even out a little more, with iPhones suffering a 66% depreciation in value and high-priced Androids an 81% depreciation. Cheap smartphones using Google's OS can only be sold for 5% of their original price after 4 years.



Source: BankMyCell

Drastic Depreciation For The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Especially drastic is the depreciation in value of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, according to BankMyCell. 9 months after its debut on the market, the flagship smartphone of the South Korean company only fetched 1/3rd of its initial price when purchased used. In the same amount of time, a new iPhone 11 depreciated about 32%, although this was only half the depreciation suffered by Android smartphones of similar price-class. Google's Pixel 4 performed similarly poorly, and devices from Motorola or Sony didn't perform much better either. However, one has to take into account that Android smartphones can normally be found at a lower price than the manufacturer's recommended retail price shortly after release. This also affects the purchase price of used devices negatively.

iPhone SE 2020 Is The Exception
Although all other iPhones perform exceptionally well in terms of depreciation, the iPhone SE 2020 performed significantly worse than others. After 1 year, a used iPhone SE 2020 depreciated by 38%, more than double the value of most other iPhones. For the version of the iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory (sold by Apple for $399 USD), used devices were available for only $175 (USD) after 1 year. According to BankMyCell, the cheapest iPhones follow the general trend – that budget devices take a bigger hit in depreciation than the flagship models.

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