Friday, Sep 11, 2020, 10:55 Software

iTunes is history—and soon for Windows as well

Steve Jobs once half jokingly described iTunes for Microsoft's competing operating system as, "the best written Windows app of all time”. In recent years however, this statement hasn’t held up so well—for either macOS or PC. Whilst Apple had already acknowledged the "iTunes-problem” in macOS 10.15 and began breaking the software up into individual programs, the iTunes Suite still remained available for Windows. The resulting situation was rather ironic: a program emblematic of modern Mac Software, closely connected with Apple’s rapid rise during the iPod-era—in a now expired condition and only available for Windows PCs. Regardless, it’s still more than apparent that the countdown for iTunes' time left on Windows has already begun.

Apple developing a new Media App
As of last year, Apple has already revealed that work on a new media app for windows had begun. Multiple job postings clearly documented Apple’s plans—and the impending end of iTunes for Windows. There are recent indications that apple would like to bring a new Windows app to the market in the near future. Given the company’s service orientation, there are really only two possibilities.



Either Apple TV+ or Apple Music
Apple is currently expanding into the TV field and releasing their “Apple TV+” service on foreign platforms. At the same time, they’re also experiencing the constant growth of Apple Music, which is still available for Windows through the iTunes Suite. It’s rather unlikely that Apple is interested in further development of iTunes, which is why the most important component of the Suite is likely to receive it’s own stand-alone Windows app. This is without question the Apple Music app. There is still no appointment, but the Italian magazine, “Aggiornamenti Lumia”, has said this will occur “soon”. Whilst the development of Music and TV apps for Windows are considered set in stone, it’s still unclear to whether or not Apple is interested in releasing a Podcast app for Windows yet.

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