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macOS 11.4 Is Now Available

A quick look at the Software Update section of System Preferences will reveal a large update waiting. The test phase for macOS 11.4 was just as short as iOS 14.6's testing. Only a month has passed since the first beta and the now final release – something which Apple normally takes at least six weeks worth of time for. There aren't any apparent major changes with the new update, however, there are two major changes to pre-installed apps from Apple. Throughout the rest of this report, we'll summarize the changes in the fourth major update to macOS 11.

Changes To macOS 11.4
More than one and a half years have passed since Apple officially ended the era of iTunes – effectively splitting the bloated up app suite into individual programs. Two of these programs are now receiving some important updates – the Music and Podcasts app. Apple Music users will also soon be able to select a higher streaming quality for the Music app in settings. However, there will be hardware requirements for this – the highest quality can't be used with Bluetooth headphones.



The Podcasts app should now have a few extra offers via paid content. Users can now choose to support various podcasts or podcast creators through paid content. Paid content can either be exclusive or simply give certain users earlier access to podcast episodes. Billing is handled monthly by Apple, although the podcast creator determines the content's price.

11.4 also provides support in the form of drivers for new graphics cards – however, this only applies to Intel systems. The "AMD 6000 Navi" GPU requires at least macOS 11.4 – it's possible that Apple is providing support to allow the graphics card to be connected as an external GPU or to offer another customization option for the Mac Pro.

11.4 Updates

  • Podcast subscriptions can now be purchased – with monthly or yearly options
  • Channels now group collections of podcasts by publisher

The update fixes the following problems:
  • Bookmarks in Safari could be rearranged through error and placed in an invisible folder
  • Certain websites wouldn't be displayed correctly after a fresh start
  • Assigned keywords weren't accounted for then a photo was exported from the Photos app
  • The Preview application would stop responding when a PDF document was searched through
  • There were problems with the game "Civilization VI", when run on a MacBook Pro 16"

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