Wednesday, Dec 08, 2021, 10:34 Software

macOS 12.1 Monterey Will Fix Several Critical Bugs

Apple released the release candidate of macOS 12.1 Monterey as well as iOS 15.2 and the other updates this week - and also documented concrete improvements in the developer's section. After only being able to rely on testers' observations so far, there are now official statements about the scope of the updates. This makes it clear that Apple took care of some annoying bugs that had occurred with numerous users. Those who were still hesitant after the release of version 12.0 and preferred to wait for the first major update will get the noticeably more mature system with 12.1. On the other hand, users will still have to do without Universal Control for shared use of Mac and iPad.

"Click by tapping" fixed
Among other things, Apple fixed a bug that caused it to stop recognizing all trackpad input. Normal control and motion gestures worked smoothly, but "click by tapping" did not. All Macs with a trackpad were affected - even if it was an external one. macOS 12.1 fixes the problem, however.

Kernel panic when using YouTube
Owners of a new MacBook Pro 2021 also sometimes had to observe that high-resolution YouTube content led to complete system crashes including kernel panic. After installing macOS 12.1, which should be released next week, everything should work smoothly again.



MacBook Pro: charging with lid closed
Actually, the MacBook Pro should also charge the battery when the lid is closed. However, according to numerous voices, this did not work reliably on the MacBook Pro 2021 and the process aborted. Those who are affected by this have another important reason to run the update to macOS 12.1.

Some other fixes.
Minor fixes include incorrect image display in the screen saver and menu bar items unintentionally obscured by the MacBook Pro 2021's notch. Apple also documents that displays connected via Thunderbolt/USB-C now charge "certain MacBook Pro and MacBook Air" more reliably. Relevant for developers are additional bug fixes and improvements in SwiftUI.

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