Tuesday, Feb 01, 2022, 16:26 Mac: Software

macOS 12.2: Bluetooth Can Drain Battery Rapidly in Sleep Mode

macOS 12.2 is probably not the most exciting update that Apple provides for the computers: Users have to look for innovations with a magnifying glass, and new features, including Universal Control, are probably not expected until macOS 12.3. After all, several vulnerabilities were closed with the recently released update, so it seems to make sense to install the update soon. Now, however, a bug clouds the user experience considerably: Some users who have connected Bluetooth accessories to the Mac sometimes observe a massive discharge of the Mac battery.

Bluetooth devices prevent Sleep Mode
In more and more support forums, including on Reddit, users report an annoying phenomenon: the MacBook's battery level drops from 100 to 0 percent quite quickly since macOS 12.2 has been installed on the computers. At least those affected managed to identify the source of the error: Bluetooth peripherals prevent the smooth hibernation, so this mode no longer lives up to its name - the Mac does not come to rest and some users notice that their closed notebook shows an enormous hunger for energy. It is difficult to estimate how often the error actually occurs - but it is not only limited to newer models with M1 chip, Intel computers are also affected.



Workaround: disable Bluetooth or do without corresponding accessories
There is no solution for the problem and the workaround is anything but particularly practical: Those who observe massive energy consumption in idle mode will have to disconnect all Bluetooth accessories or simply disable Bluetooth altogether to avoid getting into this predicament. Whether the phenomenon also occurs in the first beta version of macOS 12.3 has not yet been conclusively clarified. Apple will probably fix the bug in the next update - possibly as part of a hotfix update.

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