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macOS 12, iOS & iPadOS 15: Some Features Not Available On Release

iOS and iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 will bring a plethora of new features with them. However, not all of these features will be available immediately upon release this fall. This has also been the case numerous times in the past. For example, some of iOS 11's announced features – such as saving messages in the cloud, didn't appear until relatively late. Group calls for FaceTime also didn't appear at the launch of iOS 12. The most recent example of the late arrival of an announced feature is Apple's anti-tracking measures. These were announced at the launch of iOS 14 but not released until version 14.5. This time around, Apple has laid out a roadmap for the new updates and specified a few that might take a little longer to release.

Current Betas Don't Provide Much Information
Users of the current betas should pay attention to the fact that they don't give much information concerning what features will be available at launch. There are currently builds without the support of "Universal Control", despite the fact that the feature is expected to make an appearance at release. However, the opposite is also possible. Apple could remove features currently present in the beta and release them later.



iOS 15: Wait Required For Some Features
Pretty soon, iOS 15 will allow users to link and save identification cards and driver's licenses to the wallet app. However, this feature isn't expected to be available immediately upon release. In some countries outside of the US, it will take longer for these features to arrive for those wanting to immediately check into their hotel with an iPhone. Features such as the announcement of notifications via CarPlay, car-locking/unlocking via ultrabreitband, and hiding one's email address will all take place at a later date. In addition, the "Privacy Report" feature won't be present on iOS 15's release day.

iPadOS 15: Some Features Not Released Until Later
An error seems to have crept into the list for iPadOS 15. As per Apple, the announcement of notifications via CarPlay won't be implemented until later. The iPad can't be connected to CarPlay alone. Other features concerning the Music app, SharePlay, photo reminders, "Shared With You", and dynamic 3D head tracking, won't be immediately available this fall.

macOS 12: Some Features For Photos App Will Arive Later
What does the roadmap for macOS Monterey's new features look like? First off, macOS users will also have to wait a little while until they can hide their email addresses. Other than that, the only other features not implemented on release will concern the Photos application.

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