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macOS 13 "Ventura" – New Features & System Requirements

The current yearly cycle for macOS updates has remained more or less the same for at least 1 decade now. For example, Mac OS X Lion (2011) was followed by Mac OS X Mountain Lion in 2012. Since then, Apple has blessed us with a new operating system every year. Previously, major releases usually only occurred every 18 to 24 months apart. In light of the invitation to yesterday's WWDC, it was already known from the start that the event would provide the opportunity for a first look at the next upcoming edition of macOS, which carries the version number 13. Despite the early announcement, it will still take a little bit of time until we are able to fully appreciate the new operating system in the flesh. The likely release date stands somewhere in October.

Stage Manager
Apple wants to improve system navigation with multiple windows and programs open or running simultaneously with the addition of the new "Stage Manager". The new feature should automatically organize programs on the side to enable quick switching between them. Thus, the features Stage Manager, Exposé, and the Dock will compete with one another and offer users even more opportunities to organize and navigate their digital work, play, or entertainment spaces best to their liking. Unlike with the Dock or with Exposé, however, the new Stage Manager still allows users to view the content of each respective window.



Users will be able to share tab groups with one another and are able to view which tabs are currently grouped together. Additionally, Apple will introduce "PassKeys" in hopes of eventually saying goodbye to passwords in the long run. This is likely the company's first step in pursuing the initiative of a joint agreement recently reached and released in the form of a statement to the public by Microsoft, Google, and Apple – with the goal of creating a safer web environment by doing away with passwords.

Other New Features in macOS Ventura
  • Mail: Time specific dispatching of emails and ability to "unsend" emails
  • Apple hopes to attract more triple-A developers by offering better graphical performance with Metal 3
  • MetalFX allows for more specific rendering of complex scenes
  • Titles already announced for Mac: No Man's Sky and Resident Evil 8
  • The iPhone can now be used as a webcam
  • Continue FaceTime calls by "handing them off" or "passing them" to another device
  • FaceTime: new Studio Light feature allows user to darken background and accentuate face lighting

Apple stated yesterday that it would release a version of the upcoming OS for developers, with an albeit limited access to the features previously mentioned whilst Apple concentrates its efforts on developing the system's core technologies.

System Requirements
In order to install the newest version of macOS this fall, you'll need a Mac from 2017 or newer. This marks Apple's goodbye to a number of older Mac series, including even the 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

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