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macOS 13 Ventura Released – The Big Update Is Finally Here

It took about four and a half months of waiting until the developer beta of macOS 13, which debuted at this year's World Wide Developers Conference, was ready for the market and finally got a chance to witness a release earlier this week on Monday. As in previous years, Apple took a little bit more time with macOS than iOS – also partly due to the fact that the Mac doesn't have as strict a yearly cycle as the iPhone, which tends to determine the release dates for Apple's software department. Despite the long wait, the new OS is finally here. Mac users will find macOS 13 "Ventura" available for download under the Software Update tab within their Mac's System Preferences. Should the update not be visible at this point in time after release, we recommend contacting Apple Support.



macOS Ventura requires either a 2017 Mac or newer – models from the fall of 2016, such as the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, are no longer supported by the newest OS. A device's model year can be found pretty easily via the "About This Mac" entry under the Apple menu. The technical grounds for Apple's decision to no longer support older Macs in Ventura are as follows: Ventura only officially runs on processors equipped with the AVX2 instruction set, additionally, a GPU that supports newer versions of Metal is also required. Thus, graphics chips such as Haswell, Broadwell, and Skylake are not supported.

To Install Or Not To Install?
macOS Ventura has been met with a rather mixed reception by developers. Stage Manager, in particular has been a hot point for critics – many of whom agree that Apple should have delayed the function's release. For those of a more cautious nature, it might be perhaps better to wait a little prior to installing the newest version. That being said, the release is devoid of any major errors, and a decision to install Ventura before the next few patches shouldn't require a great deal of courage.

What's To Be Expected In Ventura?
macOS Ventura brings yet another window manager, this time called "Stage Manager", and several other apps known from iOS such as the Weather app, Clock, the Freeform whiteboard app, and a renovated Home app. Apple also spent a fair amount of time improving the performance of almost each and every other app.

Apple's official release notes can be found here:

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