Friday, Oct 01, 2021, 18:50 Software

macOS Big Sur 11.6.1 To Release Soon – Along With Other System Updates

Apple didn't just release the "Device Support Update" for Big Sur to address problems with syncing, backing up, and recovering devices during the crossplay between Mac and iPhone/iPad – the company also provided developers with a new release candidate. The test version of macOS 11.6.1, or Big Sur's newest release candidate. Unlike with some release candidates of the past, this most recent won't be experiencing a longer trial phase and the full version should be released within the next few days. Unfortunately, the release notes are very general and don't provide much, simply indicating that the current build delivers a few safety and stability improvements. The build number is 20G211, the current macOS 11.6 carries the version number 20G165. Only those who have installed the appropriate testing profile on their Mac are able to see the new 11.6.1 version, which isn't visible via the usual developer portal.

More System Updates Next Week?
It's very likely that Apple has another update planned for the coming weeks. In addition to the most recent update to macOS Big Sur, there are also likely to be system updates for iPhone, iPad, and Co. One possibility is iOS 15.0.1, as Apple is known to frequently release small bug fixes shortly after major releases. On the other hand, in the case of iOS 15.1's current beta, Apple has been making quick progress from the start – setting things off with a quick-release cycle. Thus, it's not entirely unlikely that we could even see an iOS 15.1 by Monday or Tuesday, although it would be slightly earlier than usual.



Monterey Still Needs Some Time
At the same time, we're still all waiting on the next major version of macOS – the upcoming macOS Monterey. Although Apple has picked up the pace a little when it comes to updating the current beta (releasing the last two updates within a span of only 8 days), up until recently, it's taken weeks for any progress to be made. The next beta build will reveal whether or not Cupertino has finally made it to the home stretch or not. However, a release before the end of October is highly unlikely and things could take until the middle of November, as was the case last year. It's also unlikely that we'll see a release before the as-of-yet-unannounced but very much upcoming fall event where the new Macs will be presented.

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