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macOS Big Sur Tip: Activate "Do Not Disturb" Per Mouseclick

Several traditional functions were reworked in macOS 11 Big Sur. One of these changes affects the Notification Center which (per request) allows apps or websites to push notifications to the user's computer, just as on iOS or iPadOS. It's part of the current trend on most operating systems to integrate features or user-interface elements intended originally only for mobile operating systems. For example, a site can request to notify you the next time a new article is posted by requesting permission to send push notifications. You can also choose to allow notifications for birthdays, appointments, or breaking news.

Apple Relocated The Notification Center
Sometimes, notifications can get out of hand. Especially in cases involving multiple chat programs, say you're working from home and have Slack (an online office connectivity software), iMessage, and email notifications all activated. It's impossible to get anything done when flooded with notifications, and sometimes it's just not helpful to be overwhelmed with that much information. Sometimes it really doesn't help to know that you've been sent 6 spam emails within the past 5 minutes. Well, despite Apple having changed the Notification Center's position, notifications can still be deactivated – it's only done slightly differently now.



Up until mac OS 11 Big Sur and macOS 10.15 Catalina, notifications could be disabled by clicking on the Notification Center icon in the top right of the computer's screen and then activating "Do Not Disturb". It can't be done the same way since macOS 11 Big Sur, as Apple has abandoned any kind of "independent" Notification Center by combining it with the widgets displaying date and time.

Complete Silence In One Click
Clicking on the date and time widget will bring up the same widgets with a different interface than in macOS 10.15 Catalina. Another major difference is that it doesn't display any option to activate "Do Not Disturb". "Do Not Disturb" can only be activated in the Control Center or System Settings. There is, however, still a way to relatively easily turn off notifications in macOS Big Sur.

In order to deactivate notifications, hold down the alt-option key and click on the Date and Time in the top right corner of the screen. This will immediately activate "Do Not Disturb". After activating "Do Not Disturb" a moon symbol will appear at the top of the screen, this is the "Do Not Disturb" icon:

The icon can be deactivated via the same process, holding alt-option + clicking on the Date and Time at the top of the screen.

Disable Notifications For A Set Period Of Time
After bringing up the "Do Not Disturb" menu, there are a number of options you have for when or how long to enable the feature. For example, you can activate the feature for only an hour, until this evening, tomorrow, or until you choose to deactivate it again. Further options are also available by clicking on "Notification Preferences". The corresponding option will also allow you to change notification settings for specific apps and websites using it.

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