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macOS Monterey 12.2: Apple Renovates The Music App

For quite a long time, iTunes was the Mac's biggest tool for managing, accessing, and purchasing music. Although Apple continues to care for the Windows version of the application, it has long since made its exodus from the Mac. Cupertino replaced iTunes with the "Music" app two years ago. The Music app comes with an improved user interface in comparison to its predecessor, however, it continued to rely on the same backend as its predecessor.

Music App Displays A Plethora Of Web Content
Many parts of the Music app, especially the Music Store and Apple Music, display elements from the web. To accomplish this task, the Music app makes use of Apple's WebKit browser engine. However, the company's servers continue to deliver web content just as with iTunes. This has led many users to appraise the app as feeling "a bit rough" at times. The Music app contained in the beta of macOS 12.2 Monterey comes with several changes that should deliver the app from much of the critique of its prior versions.



WebKit version of the Music app (left) in comparison to the beta's AppKit (right). Source: 9to5Mac

New AppKit Speeds Things Up
According to a Twitter user by the name of "Wondrous Hydra", Apple is using AppKit in the newest version of the Music app for macOS present in Monterey's 12.2 beta, as per a short tweet. The native framework – which is already used to display other content such as the local music library within the Music app, will soon also be responsible for displaying content from Apple Music and the Music Store. Search results will also be shown much more quickly and scrolling through content should also function much more smoothly.

JET Converts Web Content Into Native App Content
The Music app's renovation also comes with some changes to the backend: Apple is now using JET as of the Music app present in macOS Monterey's most recent beta. JET is an in-house development for the automatic conversion of web content into native app content. According to 9to5Mac, the technique has already been put into use with success on the Apple TV as of the release of macOS Monterey 12.1. Despite many of the background changes, Apple hasn't yet made any significant changes to the Music app's external appearance as of the most recent beta.

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