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macOS Monterey Tips: Share Passwords With AirDrop & Change Mouse Pointer Design

When Apple presented the next version of macOS at this year's WWDC, the company only featured the most important new features – such as Safari's new interface or the soon to arrive AirPlay feature on Mac, for example. Since the release of macOS Monterey's beta, however, developers have been able to take a look at other things that have been changed, adapted, or added, to get a better overall picture of the operating system and its features. Two interesting features which we found are the ability to share passwords over AirDrop and several new optional designs for the mouse pointer.

Share Passwords In macOS Via AirDop
iPhone users are already familiar with one of the features in this article – the ability to share passwords over AirDrop. By viewing their own saved passwords in the device's System Settings, passwords can be shared directly from one iPhone to another. macOS Monterey also offers a similar feature – to take advantage of it, simply open the new password section of the Mac's System Settings (System Settings > Passwords) where a list of all saved passwords is shown after inputting the device's password. A click on the respective login or website will reveal not only a username and password but also a "Share" button. A quick click on the share button brings up an AirDrop panel showing all other available devices in the area.



Adapting The Mouse Pointer To Individual Preference
macOS Monterey also has a new feature for the mouse pointer, which has been sorely neglected in previous versions of macOS in comparison to Windows (which at least has the option to change the default Windows mouse pointer to one more akin to macOS). Yes, it's been possible for several years now to change the size of the mouse pointer or to increase its size during quick movements (in order to find its place on the computer screen) – however, there are almost no design options available. That's finally bound to change come macOS Monterey where users will at long last be able to change the color of the mouse pointer according to their individual preferences.

Source: The 8-Bit

The option to do so is found within the System Settings (System Settings > Accessibility > Display > Pointer) where the color of the mouse cursor and its outer features can be changed. For example, those who prefer the default Windows mouse scheme with a white interior and black outline can change the mouse pointer in macOS Monterey to a more "Windowsy" feel.

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