Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021, 15:47 Mac: Software

macOS Monterey & iPadOS 15: Universal Control Delayed Significantly – Apple Adjusts Release Period

Several years ago, Apple announced the intention of uniting its various device categories into one streamlined service in which settings and data from the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are all synchronized and mutually organized whilst working together. At the 2021 WWDC in June of this year, Cupertino announced the next step in its ambitious "Appleverse" venture. "Universal Control" is the term the company uses to describe a new feature allowing the Mac and iPad to communicate effortlessly with one another for cross-play usage. Users would be able to use a mouse and keyboard (or even multiple) on their Mac and iPad at the same time, with the mouse pointer capable of wirelessly switching from the display of one device to another. Interaction between both devices is also made possible by the feature and users will be able to send open windows or data back and forth between devices, when the feature is finally released...

...Universal Control Officially Delayed – For The 2nd Time
Unfortunately, it's become rather quickly apparent that Universal Control won't be ready for the market quite as quickly as expected. Shortly after the WWDC, Apple released some new information concerning the feature's finer details, stating that it wouldn't be ready until an unspecified point later in the fall. As per Cupertino's characteristic style, this normally means that the company is waiting on an x.1 update to the software before releasing it. However, it's become apparent since the release of macOS 12.1 Monterey that further delays were encountered and thus the reason for the fall deadline not having been met.



No Release Until Early 2022
A look at the product's page on Apple's website reveals a new update. As of now, the official statement is now longer "fall of 2021" but "spring of 2022". It's likely that Apple is queueing the new feature for a release alongside macOS 12.2 as well as iPadOS 15.3 in either February or March. There's no beta version of the software yet, however, it's still possible that a beta could be released before this Christmas. By then, it should be possible to tell whether Universal Control will be an official part of the next system update or not.

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