Apple Upgrades The MacBook Pro, Releases M2 Pro & M2 Max

The first revisions to the MacBook Pro 14"/16", introduced 15 months ago, have now made their debut before hitting the market. Apple has withdrawn the curtain and revealed the devices' improvements and what customers can expect.
Tuesday, Jan 17, 2023, 17:25 Mac: Hardware
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Thursday, Nov 17, 2022, 15:42

Steve Jobs' Birkenstocks Auction For Insane Price

The article's increase in value has proven itself to be impressive, as Steve Jobs' former personal Birkenstock sandals continued to increase in price during auction before their eventual sale. For collectors, it's much more than a simple shoe – it's a symbol for the young Apple founder.
Thursday, Jul 15, 2021, 18:46

Spotify Blocking Users Who Capture Music

Spotify is currently sending emails to subscribers who have used specific programs to record songs from Spotify. The company is requesting that users who have received such an email contact Spotify support and promise not to do so again. However, some users see it as their right within the service that they pay for.