The MacBook Pro 2021 – Impressive Performance & Innovation

Apple just presented the long-awaited, brand new MacBook Pro, which has received a great deal of innovation. The exterior and interior have undergone considerable change in the product's most major redesign in recent years. The device's performance is also spectacular – exceeding even the prognoses.
Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021, 08:35 Hardware
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Friday, Mar 25, 2022, 16:00

Apple To Offer Hardware Via Subscription In The Future?

Subscriptions for software, cloud-computing, and other services have been a success at Apple. Now, according to one opinion at Bloomberg, the company could be soon to start offering hardware via subscription. The absolute details are, however, still a little bit muddy.
Wednesday, Mar 16, 2022, 23:23

iPad Air 5 M1 – The First Benchmark Results

The new iPad Air 5 is equipped with the same M1 as the iPad Pro – but does this mean it's as fast as the significantly more expensive top model? It's possible that Apple would consider making the more affordable iPad Air slightly slower in order to reduce competition within the same line up – the first benchmark results show whether or not that's the case.
Friday, Mar 11, 2022, 21:14

iPhone SE "3" – First Benchmarks Available

The new iPhone SE presented at this week's "Peek Performance" event held by Apple is 100% identical to the previous generation in terms of exterior appearance. It's a completely different story though in terms of the device's actual equipment – the SE 3 houses an A15 Bionic chip instead of an A13 Bionic. The first GeekBench results reveal the resulting difference in performance.
Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022, 17:01

iPhone 14 Pro Design Phase Over & Test Production Begins

According to most predictions, there should be some major innovations coming to the iPhone world this fall. There have been countless reports concerning a broad set of changes and Apple should be removing the controversial "notch" from the Pro model. New reports indicate that the product's design phase has come to an end and test production has begun.
Monday, Jan 10, 2022, 14:35

15 Years Ago – The Release Of The First iPhone

Every now and then, a new "disruptive" technology hits the market – and the first iPhone was a perfect example. New markets arose as the battle over the best "smartphone" erupted among tech giants. Exactly 15 years ago, Apple released its best seller to date.
Thursday, Oct 14, 2021, 15:27

iPhone With USB-C: A Hobbyist Reveals Possibilities

Although Apple has always equipped several iPad models with USB-C ports, the iPhone relies solely upon Cupertino's in-house "lightning" interface. A well-versed tech student has, however, just demonstrated on YouTube how a smartphone from Cupertino can be switched to USB-C.
Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021, 19:56

More Reports About The iPhone SE 3

Numerous reports are predicting the release of a new iPhone SE generation come springtime of next year. A Japanese magazine has offered up more information concerning the potential device's specifications, according to which – Apple should remain faithful to the current design.
Monday, Sep 27, 2021, 17:22

Fall Test Video – How Sturdy Is The iPhone 13?

Most users are likely already familiar with how terrifying the first few seconds after dropping an iPhone can be. A recent test seeks to examine the sturdiness of the iPhone 13 and whether or not the increase in weight will lead to more damage in shorter falls.