The MacBook Pro 2021 – Impressive Performance & Innovation

Apple just presented the long-awaited, brand new MacBook Pro, which has received a great deal of innovation. The exterior and interior have undergone considerable change in the product's most major redesign in recent years. The device's performance is also spectacular – exceeding even the prognoses.
Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021, 08:35 Hardware
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Monday, Jan 24, 2022, 17:28 iOS: Hardware

What Kind Of Camera Will The iPhone 15 Have? iPhone 15 Pro Likely To Come With Periscope Camera & 5x Zoom

The first content about 2023's iPhone is already making the rounds. To be more exact, there are some new rumors about the iPhone 15's camera system, and now, another well-known analyst has given a new forecast concerning the smartphone's camera module. Apple is undergoing negotiations with Lante Optics concerning periscope lenses.